Our New User Experience

Our New User Experience

We are EXCITED to announce several new enhancements throughout our firm that were made to improve our clients experience and overall efficiency. We believe our clients and customers will greatly appreciate these accessible improvements. 

Earnest Money – Secure Link

Our new Earnest Money (EM) feature lets buyers and brokers safely send EM through a secure link on our website. To use, go to our website and click on the “Send Earnest Money” tab. The largest amount that can be deposited is $5,000.00 in this “electronic check” option. When sending EM via our secure link please be sure to send in your contract to the OS office closing the transaction. If you prefer, we can send you a secure link to directly access the EM site. We will only send this link to you in a SECURE email. If you receive anything from us regarding this email link, that is not encrypted, please do not use that link and call your closing attorney. 

Commissions Checks and ACH

We have GREAT news! If you prefer to not come into one of our offices, we can send commission checks via ACH! With this, we are able to send the commission to your brokerage firm. If the broker has approved a DA (pay at close) for the closing we can send the agent their commission through ACH and the broker the remaining commission. We hope this will be a welcomed convenience for you!

We are certain these features will help our clients and customers throughout their closing experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you may have. As always, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at your next closing!

We continue to take safety measures at each of our 24 office locations. Our attorneys and staff are ready to help you in any way we can and look forward to your next closing,

-O’Kelley & Sorohan